Athletic Performance Enhancement Fit Drip

If you are trying to achieve a new personal best, this IV Fit Drip is a great way to get a little more from your workout routine. Designed for athlete performance, pre-or post-workout, and as part of a workout regimen.

This IV Drip combines potent antioxidants for inflammation and stress reduction with a full infusion of essential amino acids like arginine, glutamine, and taurine.

These ingredients are mixed in a litre of isotonic pH-neutral salt solution, enhancing muscle blood flow and reducing DOMS.

The combination of ingredients suggested in this recipe is only a suggestion of what you could have.

We have a vast library of over 100 amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, analgesic drugs, painkilling drugs, and anti-sickness drugs to protect, promote, and restore your health.


Product Benefits

  • Amino acids which can assist muscle recovery and are utilised in muscle formation
  • Antioxidants which can combat inflammation and stress post workouts
  • Reduced DOMS due to the isotonic salt solution used which boosts muscle blood flow enabling lactate washout.



Book multiple drips and enjoy a discounted price.

Group Booking Discount: Gather a group of people and book together to reduce the cost of each drip. The group drips will be done simultaneously at our clinic or your home/office.





If you are unable to find a suitable time slot or if you require treatment at a specific time, please call us at 020 7305 7608, or email us at Our team will make every effort to meet your requirements.

What ingredients are included in the Fit Drip?

- Vitamin B Complex
- Taurine
- Glutamine
- Arginine

Arginine helps boost muscle growth and energy levels, while the amino acid Taurine plays a part in several of the body's metabolic processes and is thought to have antioxidant properties.

Glutamine is an important amino acid with many functions in the body. It is a building block of protein and a critical part of the immune system. The Fit Drip also contains a megadose of Vitamin B complex (B1, 2, 3, 6, and B12).

These vitamins are essential for the maintenance of energy levels, brain function, and cardiovascular health.

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