Your Body Is Amazing!


Your body is constantly doing a million things that you’re not even aware of – digesting food, growing new skin, and carrying oxygen to cells from head to toe. But because we hang out with our bodies all the time we tend to take them for granted.

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Medical Director

Dr Turner is an anaesthetic Registrar and a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists; he is a founding member of Effect Doctors.

Will is a Consultant Anaesthetist who also works within the NHS. As well as an honours degree in medicine, he also holds a masters degree in chemistry from the University of Nottingham. Will enjoys teaching and acts as faculty, leading several national simulation and training courses. He has also published several articles in various international scientific journals.

He has undertaken a research and clinical fellowship in Obstetric Anaesthesia at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Alongside his anaesthesia and critical care work, he has established a successful aesthetic practice, delivering anti-wrinkle treatment to a wide-ranging group of regular clients in South London and Surrey.

Outside of medicine, he enjoys looking after his two children, playing rugby, cooking and listening to music.

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will - Black and white will - Black and white


Medical Director

Dr Buxton is an anaesthetic Consultant and a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists; he is a founding member of Effect Doctors.

As well as being a fully qualified and currently practising NHS Consultant Anaesthetist and being a UK trained Doctor he has undertaken an Advanced Fellowship in Neuro Anaesthesia for 12 months in California at UCSF. Will is an Advanced Life Support Instructor and acts as faculty, leading several national simulation and training courses. He has published several articles in various international scientific journals.

Alongside his anaesthesia and critical care work, he has established a successful aesthetic practice, delivering anti-wrinkle treatment to a wide-ranging group of regular clients in Central London.

Outside of medicine, he enjoys keeping fit by running and weight training. He is a proud father of a little girl called Sofia!

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Wendy Wendy


Managing Director

Wendy is an established and committed manager with 20 years of experience in operational duties. Wendy joined EffectDoctors in 2019, overseeing all day to day activities of the company.

Implementing systems and processes and proactively seeking solutions in an ever-changing landscape, Wendy never shies away from a challenge.

Outside of running Effect Doctors, she is a busy young mother, enjoys painting, playing with her son, walking her dog, white wine and international travel.

effect doctors staff effect doctors staff


Partner / Legal

Bianka has over 20 years experience in the legal field having worked for a number of top law firms.

Previous legal firms include Clifford Chance, Weil Gotshal and Manges. She represents high net worth individuals and some of the largest family offices globally.

Health and longevity is her passion with strong focus on women preventative health, anti- ageing, fertility and beauty.

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Johnny Johnny


CQC Lead

Dr Johnny Andrews splits his time working in several NHS Accident & Emergency Departments, working on clinical drug and viral trials and working with start-ups and private clinics in London.

With a BMedSc (Hons) from the University of Birmingham underpinning his scientific knowledge, Johnny has developed a keen interest in business after working in corporate sales and hospitality before graduating in Medicine from the University of London in 2015.

A dynamic member of the Effect Doctors team since 2018, Johnny is an experienced practitioner, having treated many of our patients at homes, offices, pop-up events, and music festivals across the country.

Johnny works to oversee all CQC-regulated and UKAS-registered activities within Effect Doctors.

Outside of work, he enjoys music, travelling and long walks with his dog.

Christian Christian


Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner at Bamford

Dr Christian Collins

GP and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Christian is a certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, as well as a Private GP with Concierge Medical, based in the Cotswolds. His unique, broad minded and personal approach allows him to complement wellness and lifestyle choices alongside conventional medical practice to optimise health and wellbeing.

Christian's expertise and ethos are centred around the belief that our life choices are often the most powerful medicine to prevent, reverse and treat ailments of the body and mind. His focus is to empower his clients to harness the remarkable power of lifestyle interventions to encourage self-healing and wellbeing.

Jane Jane



Jane Clarke is a dietitian and Cordon Bleu chef with over 30 years’ experience in
the nutrition industry.

Jane is the author of 9 best-selling books, including Nourish. Jane has been a
regular columnist for The Daily Mail, Observer, The Times and The Mail on Sunday, and contributes
on TV having worked with Jamie Oliver on his School Meals revolution project, amongst others.
Jane was the first person in the UK to open a private dietetic clinic, establishing a highly successful
specialist Nutrition and Dietetic practice in London that has been running for the past 3 decades. She
advises some of Britain’s leading sportspeople, entertainers and media professionals, and has been
personal dietitian and nutritionist for David Beckham and Benedict Cumberbatch. She is particularly
regarded for her work with those living with serious illnesses such as cancer, neurological
degenerative conditions, dementia, depression and stroke, supporting patients from early diagnosis
right through to end of life care, across all ages, including paediatric cancers and early onset
Jane founded Nourish by Jane Clarke and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for her services to
nourishing the vulnerable with her unique combination of clinical expertise and culinary/ foodie passion.

Dr-caroline- stevens Dr-caroline- stevens


Aesthetics Doctor

Dr Stevens is a Anaesthetic Registrar with over 10years experience in the NHS.
She is a fellow of the Royal college of Anaesthetists.
She founded her business the London Skin Medic in 2021 and offers a range of aesthetic treatments. Using her clinical skills and knowledge to enhance her clients well being and confidence.

Having gradated from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Medical Sciences, Dr Stevens went on to graduate from University College London with MBBS in medicine and surgery.

Dr Stevens has spent the last 10 years practicing medicine in the NHS, training specifically in Anaesthetics and Intensive care medicine. Her aim is to use her clinical skills and role as The London Skin Medic to enhance client wellbeing and confidence through facial aesthetics.

Dr-caroline- stevens
Ana-Borba Ana-Borba


Senior Nurse

Ana is a Renal Specialist Nurse who completed her Bachelor of Nursing Degree in the University of the Azores in 1999.

She completed post-graduate degrees in Nephrology Nursing and Dialysis Nursing through of King's College London in 2015. She has a wide range of experience from working in various posts with current practice in Travel Health Consultations, Covid/Flu Vaccinator and Effect Doctors.

Outside of nursing, she enjoys Health & Fitness, long walks and reading.

Sara Sara


Design Lead

Sara has worked with notable art directors in New York City for over a decade on campaigns for H&M, Gillette, Alexander Wang, Fendi and more. Sara has a passion for creating market sound campaigns and brand identities with a commitment to self-development and creative innovation.

She is also a published writer, having interviewed the likes of Stella McCartney and Bjarke Ingels. Sara’s creativity is a driving force behind the evolution of the Effect Doctors aesthetic narrative.

In her free time, she enjoys playing with new mediums in her art studio.



Operational Lead

Jessica Neubert-Garton is a versatile and accomplished professional with knowledge in the fields of marketing, psychotherapy, and nutrition.

With a diploma in marketing and communication Jessica began her career as an advertising consultant in Berlin, where she developed a strong foundation in strategic marketing, branding and public relations. In 2010, Jessica moved to London, where she embarked on a new path in her professional journey. She studied Psychotherapy at the Regent’s University where she became a certified psychotherapist and counsellor. Jessica's passion for helping people achieve wellness and balance in their lives led her to pursue further qualifications in IV Drip Vitamin Therapy and Phlebotomy. She firmly believes in the connection between mental health and nutrition, and this belief has been a driving force behind her involvement at Effect Doctors.

In an ideal world, a nutrient-dense diet, eight hours of restorative sleep and a daily dose of exercise would keep us top of our game. But it’s not always that simple. The pressures of everyday life, busy schedules, workouts squeezed into rare pockets of spare time, and the occasional late night and over indulgence, means that sometimes our best intentions don’t always go as planned.

At times we need to press the reset button, rejuvenate and get back to feeling like ourselves. And that’s ok, caring for your body makes sense. After all, you only get one in this life. By listening to our bodies and taking good care of them, we can reach optimal levels of health and vitality.

At EffectDoctors we think that everyone should feel their best self, so we developed our IV Therapy services and Wellness Programs to encourage the preventative practice of optimising health and wellness by giving your body the much needed nutrients it needs to be at its best.

Our IV service is completely personalised and bespoke to your particular needs and can help slow down or reverse the adverse effects that a life lived at full speed can cause. We can also provide you with advice and support on diet, nutrition and wellness to fully optimise your wellbeing and longevity.

All of our Drips and Booster Shots are administered by our medical staff, consisting of registered Doctors.


The Effect Doctors team comprises a diverse group of highly trained specialists and NHS-trained medical professionals.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of care.

Our treatments are designed in-house and built upon safe and effective care developed from our combined years of medical and professional training.