The Complete Guide To IV Therapy

What are IV drips, and what are their health benefits? Learn all you need to know about IV therapy in our complete guide.

How To Boost Your Immune System

How can you boost your immune system? There are a number of simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to strengthen your immune system and support your body in fighting off infections.

The Latest: Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Tests

Our lateral flow test is easy to use and provides fast and highly accurate results. Follow the simple instructions and receive a doctor’s certificate within 12 hours. Couldn’t be any easier!

Get Your Post Lockdown Aesthetics Fix with Effect Doctors

It’s time to get ourselves back into pre-lockdown shape, aesthetically speaking. See which of our beauty treatments can help you look and feel at your best.

A Closer Look at IV Drips

Gain a deeper insight into how we concoct our IV drips and how they can improve the overall quality of your life.

A Discussion: High-Dose Vitamin C for Cancer Patients

Have a read about our thoughts on the role of vitamin C in cancer therapy

The best vitamins for your skin

We all worry about our general health and whether we’re providing our bodies with the right nutrition and vitamins and minerals. But we often forget about our skin health and the small things we can be doing to improve it…

How to get rid of under eye wrinkles

If you’ve already developed fine lines in this area, fear not, there are some things you can do to lessen or eliminate under eye wrinkles. 

How do you get rid of wrinkles?

We’ll inevitably all get the odd wrinkle or two, but how do you get rid of them once they appear? We’ve asked our skin experts and they’ve shared a couple of their top tips and pointers with us…

How to avoid wrinkles

We’ve all caught a glance of ourselves and been a little surprised by the appearance of fine lines, but is there anything we can do to avoid getting wrinkles or at least ensure they’re less pronounced? 

Sources of B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins that plays a vital role in keeping us in the best condition, but what are the best sources of B12?

Test to Release for international travel

Did you know that you can pay for a COVID-19 test to find out if you can reduce your quarantine period after international travel? Find out more…

The benefits of biotin

Biotin is an essential vitamin, but what are it’s health benefits?

Lockdown Survival Guide

As we head into another month, we’re all thinking, how on earth are we going to survive lockdown? We’ve put together some lockdown survival tips to make it more enjoyable, positive and healthy. Well, bearable, anyway.

What are antioxidants?

We know that including antioxidants in our diet has many benefits, but what exactly are antioxidants and why are they good for us?

How to improve your hair health

A bad hair day has the potential to impact our confidence and how we feel about ourselves. But what can we do to get healthier, stronger hair? Take a look at our simple tips…

The benefits of Vitamin C

It may not be the cure for the common cold, but vitamin C plays an important role in the formation and function of our bodies.

A closer look at our Iron infusion service

At Effect Doctors, we’re proud to offer Iron Infusions, but you may be wondering what an iron infusion involves, so here’s a quick look at what to expect.

Good sources of Vitamin D

We all try to follow a balanced and healthy diet, but let’s face it, it’s not always easy. With the best intentions, we can sometimes miss meals, squeeze in unhealthy snacks on the go, or be missing out on crucial…

What can a blood test tell us?

Our blood can give us a better idea of what is happening in our body and determine if anything is wrong. It can provide us with a detailed assessment and identify and monitor markers of illness early.

What are the symptoms of low Vitamin D levels?

Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common and most people are unaware of it. Recognising symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can help prevent complications from developing. But how do you know if you have vitamin D deficiency?

What causes Iron deficiency?

With Iron deficiency being so common, it’s important to understand what the main causes are. Most of the time, the cause can be straightforward and easy to identify, but in rare cases, it can be a mystery that needs solving. 

What are the symptoms of low Iron levels?

It’s natural to feel under the weather now and again, but as our lives get busier and more fast-paced, it can sometimes be easy to miss the important signs and symptoms you have when your body is trying to tell…

The health benefits of Vitamin D

Often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced naturally when the body is exposed to sunlight. Your body can also get vitamin D from certain foods and supplements to give your levels a boost.

Jet lag: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention

When you travel, whether for business or pleasure, the trip can all too often be dampened by jet lag for the first few days. It can leave you feeling run down and lacking energy…

Boost your iron absorption

Iron is an essential nutrient, so you need to make sure that you’re getting enough.  But why is iron so important? Your body needs iron to function as it plays a crucial role in transporting oxygen around your body, hormone…