Medical Weight Loss

From £400

Assisted weight loss has never been simpler; through advances in weight loss science, Effect Doctors can help you on you journey to meaningful and sustainable weight loss.

Effect Doctors weight management program combines a comprehensive and holistic assessment by our medical team, bespoke weight loss advice and planning, and safe access to prescription only weight loss medications.

Start the process to becoming the healthiest version of you possible:

NAD+: Everything You Need To Know

Consultation Appointment

Discuss your weight loss goals with one of our NMWLP (National Medical Weight Loss Programme) certified doctors; we will explore your weight loss journey to this point, and discuss our medical weight loss management treatment options.

Clinical Appointment

Our expert medical team will undertake your blood sampling and biometric measurement in a convenient one-stop clinical assessment; the baseline measurements that you will leave in the distant past.

Our comprehensive blood panel, evaluates multiple biological systems, including kidney, thyroid, liver, lipid and full blood profiles, to ensure proactive management of weight related health concerns.

Initiation Appointment & First treatment pen

So long as it is deemed safe and appropriate, we will take you through the safest way to administer your weight-loss medication, how to store and dispose of finished medications. We will discuss the timing of your medication, and what to do if you miss a dose.

16 Week Program with monthly follow-up and support

Is the medication & plan working for you? Let us evaluate your progress and tailor your approach to your ongoing weight loss journey, with adjustments to medication dosing, diet and exercise plans.