Screening, Diagnostics & Tailored Treatments

The EffectDoctors™ team can carry out a range of screening and diagnostic blood tests which can be performed at the same time as an IV infusion for your convenience.

You can browse some of our range of private blood tests offered in London below and book online. We can undertake almost any test you require, please email us for a quote.

We can visit you at your home, office or hotel or you can visit our Greek Street Soho clinic.

We’ll provide a Doctors report and if you desire it, at no further cost you can schedule a call with one of our Doctors to discuss the result and help you plan any bespoke further investigations or treatments as required.

Well Person

From £300.00
Our in-depth testing evaluates multiple blood biomarkers, to allow you take the first step in proactive healthcare; evaluate your physiological health with our comprehensive blood test panel and detailed medical report.

Well Person Advanced

From £500
Aspire to know more about your health; building on our comprehensive well-person blood tests, the advanced profile evaluates a wider range of physiological biomarkers to provide our most detailed assessment of your health.

Women's Hormone Panel

From £350
Tests for essential female hormones and endocrine health to evaluate a range of symptoms from menopause to irregular or painful periods.

Men's Hormone Panel

From £350
Comprehensive evaluation of men’s hormones including testosterone, to evaluate a range of symptoms from fatigue, muscle loss, to low libido or erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin Profile Plus

From £499
Effect Doctor’s in-depth Vitamin Panel Plus analyses 8 separate vitamin bio-markers to evaluate in depth your body’s vitamin levels to identify any deficiencies which may affect your health and well-being.

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency

From £200.00
G6PD Blood test - must be undertaken prior to receiving high dose Vitamin C infusions.

Vitamin D

From £70.00
The UK's relatively low levels of sunshine mean vitamin D deficiency is a widespread problem in the country. An estimated one in five adults are deficient.