As London’s leading IV Drip provider we offer a unique range of intravenous drips, all of which are designed by our team of doctors and administered by highly trained nurses. Each IV is constructed post consultation and contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. As an Effect Doctors client you can enjoy your IV drip from the comfort of your home or at one of our premium locations in zone 1 London.

Best for Immunity & Illness Prevention

From £300
If you're looking to strengthen your immune system, our Immunity Drip which contains high dose Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, B Vitamins and Magnesium is the gold standard in health optimisation with IV therapy. Find out more via the link below and book your IV therapy today.
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Best for Illness Recovery

From £300
For those recovering from illness, we would recommend booking our Under the Weather IV drip. Its unique and bespoke formula was designed by the Anaesthetic Doctors who founded our company.
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Best for the Morning After!

From £300
One of our best sellers - the Deluxe Recovery ‐ is the perfect IV drip for those who over did it the night before. This drip will aid your recovery and replenish your body in no time. It contains a bespoke combination of electrolytes, the free radical anti oxidant glutathione, Magnesium, B Vitamins including B12, Vitamin C, anti inflammatory, pain killing and anti sickness drugs (as required).
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Best for Anti-ageing

From £300
Our NAD+ IV Drip contains Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which activates enzymes that promote healthy ageing.
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Best for Sleep & Anxiety

From £250
We have specially developed The Sleep Aid to help your sleep and relax your body to ease anxiety. The combination of amino acid and mineral infusion works with your body’s natural sleep cycle to aid you in achieving restful sleep and relaxation.
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Best for pre-workout and athletic recovery

From £350
The Olympian IV Drip contains powerful antioxidants which reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. This drip will help boost muscle growth and increase your energy levels.
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Best for Skin & Hair

From £300
Our Skin Brightening and Beauty Tonic IV therapies help improve your complexion. The unique mix of vitamins and minerals in The Beauty Tonic IV also helps support collagen production.
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Best for Tiredness and Fatigue

From £450
Our Limitless NAD Therapy is a combination of NAD+ IV with a free drip from our selection. The Limitless Therapy is powered by NAD which helps your body to detox and reduces tiredness and fatigue
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First Time Getting an IV Drip?

Below is a selection of IV drips we would recommend if it’s your first time getting an IV treatment and you’re not sure which one would be best. You can also read our guide to IV therapy below. Each drip will contain a mix of ingredients that is unique to your personal needs.

The Vitamin Drip

from £225.00
This IV has a high dose of essential vitamins and minerals to help maximise your energy levels.

The Classic

From £175.00
This IV drip is pH-balanced and electrolyte-rich solution to rehydrate, refresh and rejuvenate.

Popular IV Treatments

Below are some of our popular IV therapy treatments. If you’re still not sure which therapy is the right for you, please contact us on the link below and one of our specialist doctors or nurses will be able to advise.

Vitamin C IV Drip

From £200.00
Vitamin C contributes to improving your immune system and contributes towards healthy skins, cells and blood vessels.

Myers' Cocktail

From £275.00
The famous IV is a mixture of magnesium, calcium, B-Vitamins , B-complex and Vitamin C.

Skin Brightening

From £275.00
A skin-brightening IV treatment to create a balanced and glowing complexion.

The Jet Lag Reset

From £275.00
This IV drip helps to beat post-travel tiredness with this mix of electrolytes, amino acids and B Vitamins

Mood boosting & Anti Anxiety drip

From £275.00
This is the ultimate drip for improving your wellbeing.