Express Drips

Experience the rapid benefits of IV therapy with our convenient Express Drip service, ideal for those pushed for time and looking for a quick and effective IV boost. Whether you need a Quick Vitamin Hit or a speedy Glow and Go, enjoy our Express Drip service wherever you are. Have your drip on the move, when relaxing at home, or visit our Central London locations in Zone 1.

Our Express Procedures


Revitalise your radiance with Glow-And-Go. This 100ml NaCl infusion, paired with 1200mg of Glutathione, promotes skin health and boosts your inner glow. Experience the power of express beauty enhancement for a luminous, revitalised appearance.


Ignite your energy instantly with Insta-Booster-B12. This 100ml NaCl formula, enriched with 1000mg of B12, delivers a rapid energy boost. Ideal for express vitality, it ensures quick replenishment and sustained energy levels for enhanced well-being.


Maximise your workout results with Insta-Gym. This 100ml NaCl blend, combined with a potent Fat Burner shot, accelerates metabolism for express fat loss. Experience a rapid transformation in your fitness journey, ensuring efficient and effective results in every session.

Mini Mood Boost

Elevate your spirits with our Mini Mood Boost IV. This unique infusion, containing 100ml NaCl and procaine, ensures a rapid and efficient delivery for express mood enhancement. Experience a quick uplift in your emotional well-being, promoting a positive outlook and a brighter day ahead.

Quick Immunity Boost

Elevate your immunity with our quick boost IV. This unique infusion, contains 100ml NaCl and Selenium. Selenium plays an important role in the health of your immune system. This antioxidant helps lower oxidative stress in your body, which reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.


Elevate your well-being swiftly with Quick-Vit-Hit. This 100ml NaCl blend, enriched with Pabrinex i+ii, ensures a rapid delivery of vital nutrients. Perfect for express appointments, it facilitates quick recovery and fosters overall health.