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Experience seamless booking for Effect Doctors treatments with our direct booking service.

Enjoy convenience and speed as you secure your desired appointment slot effortlessly below and get an instant confirmation.

Please put in the address when you book and a contact number and email for the concierge. Please also put the clients name and room number if they are willing to share these details (or tell us when we arrive).

In the notes please add which service the client would like to receive. 


Our Menu:

If you cannot see a slot that your client requires please email us:

Or call us:

020 7305 7608

How long does an IV take

An IV takes 1 hour

Do you do blood testing

Yes we can offer blood tests with rapid same day turnaround

Do you offer private GP appoinmtments

We are partnered with top London GP's and specialists just let us know what your client needs and we will facilitate it


0700 - 0730 £250 1830 - 1900 £50
0730 - 0800 £200 1900 - 1930 £100
0800 - 0830 £150 1930 - 2000 £150
0830 - 0900 £100 2000 - 2030 £200
0900 - 0930 £50 2030 - 2100 £250


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