Iron Clinic


You may already have been diagnosed with iron deficiency in the past, in which case we will just need a recent (<3 months) blood test to confirm your levels. If not, we will check your levels by performing a blood test and arrange a private GP consultation if you’re found to be iron deficient where you’ll be prescribed treatment if required.

Following this consultation, we can deliver an intravenous iron treatment in as little as 30 minutes. You can start to notice the benefits from 10 days onwards.

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1 years worth of Iron in 1 treatment

Quick procedure - takes around 30 mins

Notice benefits from 10 days onwards

More information on the iron clinic

We specialise in the provision of intravenous iron treatments that are bespoke to you particular needs and requirements. If iron levels in you body are low you can become iron deficient, this means your body makes fewer healthy red blood cells, a condition known as Iron deficiency anaemia. If not treated there can be long term consequences for your health. Our blood test can determine your iron levels and our IV treatment will deliver benefits in as little as 10 days.