IV Drips for Events, Festivals and Weddings

Effect Doctors are the largest providers of IV Drips at small and large events across the country.

We are the sole IV drip provider to multiple exclusive camp-sites at festivals across the UK, including Glastonbury and the Secret Garden Party Festival, we are highly experienced at providing IV drips for any special event.

We can tailor a package to suit any number of guests, on a single day, or over the course of your entire event.

We provide a wide range of treatments for your event:

  • Pre & post wedding
  • Corporate rewards & parties
  • Stag & Hen parties
  • Retreats & Wellness events

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Wedding Iv drips

Exactly How This Beauty Editor Bride Got Ready For Her Wedding Day


For me, beauty isn’t just about looking your best, but feeling it too, which is why I’m a total vitamin drip convert. Having an autumnal wedding meant exposing ourselves to colder temperatures and all the colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses that come with it.

There’s nothing worse than getting ill before a big event, which is why my drip of choice was the Effect Doctors Immunity Drip. Packed with high-dose vitamin C, selenium and zinc, it is designed to fight bacterial and viral infection, boost your body’s defence system and fight inflammation. As the wedding drew closer, we also added some glutathione in to promote collagen production and improve complexion, giving my skin a glow from within.

I am such a convert that I even had a drip on the morning of my wedding, which handily helped to nip any hangover from the previous night in the bud.


Read more: https://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/article/tish-weinstock-wedding-prep/amp

wedding IV drips