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Effect Doctors are partnering with the Lucie app to bring our market-leading IV rejouvenation drips to Camp Koko!

Our team of doctors and nurses are exceptionally excited to keep you refreshed and energised throughout your festival experience.

Book your appointment from Friday 28th June - Sunday 30th June 2024 to stay on top form for the festival weekend.


  • B12 booster shot - quick hit energy booster
  • The Solution - rehydrate + replenish electrolytes
  • The Hat Trick - rehydrate + replenish electrolytes + prescription only pain-killers + anti-sickness drugs + relaxing Magnesium booster
  • The Vit Hit - rehydrate + replenish electrolytes + a massive vitamin boost + B1 + B2 + B3 + B6 + Vitamin C + Magnesium booster
  • The Mega Drip - EVERYTHING! All of our drips, including B12, in one!

Any queries or if you can't see a slot that works for you please email us at book@effectdoctors.com

Our Medical Credits

  • Drips are provided by UK trained nurses & doctors
  • Fully Insured
  • GMC and CQC regulated
  • Bound by the Medical Professions Code of Client Confidentiality
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Products

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