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Effect Doctors are very excited to partner with 65 Walton to deliver our premium Intravenous Infusions and detailed Blood tests to their discerning clients.

An IV drip is only as good as what is put inside and a blood test panel is only as good as the constituent parts and the analysis of thereof. Every aspect of our service has been formulated by the founding team of Consultant anaesthesiology Doctors.

Discover the power of this carefully formulated IV drip and emerge rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

If you are unable to find a suitable time slot or if you require treatment at a specific time, please call us at 020 7305 7608, or email us at book@effectdoctors.com. Our team will make every effort to meet your requirements.

What is Hair Nourishment IV?

Optimise your hair! A powerful IV nutritional supplement which has been formulated to assist those with hair issues including: hair loss/ brittleness/ thinning. Packed with a double dose of biotin (10 mg), lysine (1000 mg). L-lysine is present in the hair's root, and it is responsible for the shape and volume of the hair. An L-lysine deficiency can cause hair loss - getting enough of this amino acid can prevent this issue and promote regular hair growth.

What is our Hair Blood test?

An in depth look at that which is required for healthy hair growth. Abnormalities identified can be investigated and treated to optimise your bodies functional status. Full blood count, kidney function, electrolytes, liver function tests, inflammatory markers, serum; iron, ferritin, TIBC, Vitamin D, Zinc, Thyroid (TSH, T3, T4), Testosterone/ Androgen levels, b12 (active)

Advanced Well Person Blood Test

Information about our Advanced Well Person Blood Test can be viewed here

What's in our Vitamin Drip

Powerful vitamin infusion (B 1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium and electrolytes)

What is The Deluxe Recovery?

(The best hangover drip in the world) includes electrolytes, a vitamin infusion, Magnesium, a strong antioxidant and as required intravenous paracetamol, intravenous ketorolac an anti-inflammatory drug as well as intravenous ondansetron anti-sickness medication.

What is the Immunity Booster?

Essential micronutrients for a top functioning immune system. IV selenium, IV zinc, IV magnesium, B vitamins, high dose Vitamin C.

Why chose a NAD+ Infusion?

Become your best self through the power of NAD+.
- Boost your immunity and resilience to stress
- Sharpen focus and improve your mood
- Optimise cognitive performance in high pressure situations

What is our Under The Weather drip?

This IV infusion includes a mega-dose of vitamin C, a balanced electrolyte fluid solution, and a significant amount of IV magnesium. It also includes a bespoke blend of anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, and anti-sickness drugs. The high dose of vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant, defending against oxidative damage and promoting faster recovery from viral illnesses. Our carefully selected medications provide tailored relief for your specific needs.

What is Beauty Tonic IV?

Collagen boosting amino acids, biotin, electrolytes and vitamins.

Our Bespoke IV Infusion

6 ingredients of your choice from our selection of amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, fluids and drugs.

Can I have an Iron Infusion?

For those patients that are severely deficient in iron. A blood test must have been performed within the last 3 months demonstrating a Ferritin of < 30.


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