Fit to Fly
PCR and Lateral Flow Tests

If you’re travelling overseas from the UK, you will require a Fit to Fly certificate. We offer postal PCR and Lateral Flow Tests and Next Day and Same Day Result PCR tests in the Central London area, all suitable for pre-travel (Fit to Fly) testing.

PCR Test for Travel

Our PCR swab postal kit with automatic Fit to Fly certificate

From £89

Fit to Fly Lateral Flow Test

Highly accurate Fit to Fly Lateral Flow Test with results available in just 15 minutes.

From £25

In Person Next Day PCR Test

Book a Rapid PCR Test in the comfort of your own home and get the results back within 24 hours.

From £164

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Fit to Fly certificate?
    • A COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate is a letter signed by a doctor registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), which confirms a recent negative test result for Coronavirus, declaring you fit to fly aboard.


      Make sure to check your destination country’s current regulations for the latest information on which type of test you will need to take for entry into that country and when you need to take that test before leaving the UK.


      NHS COVID-19 testing results are not suitable for travel certification. You must undertake an independent test to travel abroad.

  • How to get a Fit to Fly Certificate?
    • To get a Fit to Fly certificate, you will have to get a negative result on a PCR or Lateral Flow test. Most countries will require you to take a Fit to Fly certificate 48-96 hours before travel, but please make sure you check the requirements of the country you’re travelling to prior to booking your test.

  • Do I need a Fit to Fly Certificate?
    • If you are travelling from the UK overseas, you will need a Fit to Fly certificate stating your personal details and a negative COVID-19 result.


      Depending on your destination country, you may be required to have proof of a negative COVID-19 result 48-96 hours before arriving at your destination.


      We recommend you review the travel requirements of the country you are flying to regarding the specific timeframe for a Fit to Fly certification and order your Fit to Fly Covid test plenty of time ahead of your flight.

Traveling to or from England?

Our comprehensive Covid Testing Guide provides information on what Covid-19 tests you need to take and what you must do before you travel to and after you arrive in England, what you need to do to travel abroad from England, and how Effect Doctors can help you with your Covid testing in both cases.


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