COVID 19 Testing

The EffectDoctors™ team are working hard to ensure we keep as many people safe during the COVID pandemic as possible. That is why we offer a range of tests, allowing you to stay safe and be secure in the knowledge you’re COVID free.

We have an anti-bodies test to see if you have had the virus and a PCR swab test, both of which are administered by a trained NHS doctor in the comfort of your own home. Our team are equipped fully with PPE and follow all of the government guidelines. These services are limited to London, so we also offer a PCR swab home testing kit, and an option with a fit to fly certificate if you need to travel for work.

Private Nurse Administered PCR Tests

For those who need their results urgently, we offer a PCR testing service where one of our nurses will take your swab and delivery it straight to our labs. This can be done at home or in the office and allows us to rapidly return your results.

IN PERSON PCR Test with Same Day Results

Private PCR Tests conducted in the comfort of your own home with same-day results

From £199

In Person Next Day PCR Test

Book a Rapid PCR Test in the comfort of your own home and get the results back within 24 hours.

From £164

IN PERSON Day 2 PCR test

Our in person Day 2 PCR tests are taken in person by our skilled medical team who will assist you with all aspects of the service.

From £164

Postal PCR Kits

Day 2 PCR Postal Tests

This PCR test is required for anyone entering the UK from a Green List country or for anyone who is fully vaccinated returning from an Amber List Country.

From £89

Day 2 and 8 PCR Tests

Day 2 and 8 Tests are required if you are travelling from an Amber List country and are not fully vaccinated

From £89

Amber List (Day 2/5/8 Swabs)

If you are arriving in the UK from overseas then you are required to take a PCR Test

From £89

Lateral Flow Tests

COURIERED Covid Lateral Flow Self Test

From £150

POSTAL Covid Lateral Flow Self Test

From £50

POSTAL Day 2 - Lateral Flow Kits

A lateral flow test is required for anyone entering the UK from abroad within 2 days of arrival.

From 25