Early Cancer Detection and Screening

Early detection of cancer is extremely important as it can lead to a much better prognosis and treatment outcome.

This is the most cutting-edge early detection test available on the market.

Cancer is much easier to treat when it is in its early stages before it has had a chance to spread to other parts of the body. When cancer is detected early, treatment can be less invasive, with a higher likelihood of success and fewer negative side effects. Additionally, early detection can help identify individuals who may be at higher risk for developing cancer, allowing for earlier and more aggressive screening and surveillance. Overall, early detection is crucial for improving outcomes and reducing mortality rates associated with cancer.


What benefits does this test provide?

Our TotalCheck Early Cancer Detection and Screening checks your blood sample for Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs), and clusters of the cells.


How does the test process work?

Upon booking a test, a Doctor will contact you to discuss your medical history and test reasons.

Results typically take 2-3 weeks and a follow-up call will be scheduled with the Doctor to discuss the results.


If you can't see a slot that works for you or would like the treatment at a special time please email us at - we will do our very best to accommodate you!


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