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Male Hormone Profile

Male Hormone Profile and Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is important for general and sexual health in men. Symptoms of deficiency include decreased libido, weight gain, loss of morning erections and erectile dysfunction and may also involve tiredness, weakness and depression. For each year over age 30, the level of testosterone in men starts to slowly dip at a rate of around 1 percent per year.

Testosterone is also responsible for many essential body functions, including:

  • Body hair
  • Muscle mass / Fat ratio
  • Strength

The EffectDoctors men’s health testosterone blood panel and review allows rapid analysis of your hormone levels and early-access review with one of the country’s leading experts in men’s health, Dr Jeff Martin.

Patient Journey

  1. Undertake the following blood tests
    • FBC
    • U+E
    • LFT including albumin and gamma GT
    • LH
    • Prolactin
    • Testosterone
    • SHBG
    • PSA
    • TFT
  2. Virtual consultation with Dr Martin
  3. Following consultation, if suitable, you will be prescribed a course of TRT


If you can't see a slot that works for you or would like the treatment at a special time please email us at - we will do our very best to accommodate you!

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