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The most accurate form of epigenetic analysis currently available is known as GrimAge analysis, which is often known as a Horvath Clock analysis (named so after the world-renowned geneticist and biostatistician who developed the technology, Dr Steve Horvath). GrimAge testing has proven to be not only the most reliable form of biological age testing currently available, but it also can directly predict illness and death. Although GrimAge testing is not utilized directly as a means through which any only particular illness is diagnosed, it is extremely useful for both individuals and doctors who are attempting to prevent the onset of illness, frailty, and ultimately death. GrimAge testing can be used as an accurate mechanism through which to assess an individual's rate of ageing, which in turn can be extremely clinically relevant for a person’s long-term health. Not only could GrimAge potentially reveal that you are biologically younger than your actual age, but it could reveal that you are ageing at an accelerated rate. The important thing to remember is that if you are ageing at an accelerated rate, there are many things which can be done to slow down the ageing process. Many people might be tempted to remain ignorant about their biological age, but doing so can leave individuals ignorant of the true state of their bodies, and in turn could lead to unnecessary long-term damage to both their body and mind.

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