Sources of

Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins that plays a vital role in keeping us in the best condition. 

From fighting fatigue and keeping your nerves and blood cells healthy, it could be said that it’s the most important.

Where can we get Vitamin B12 from?

Your body doesn’t make Vitamin B12, so your diet or supplements must be providing you with good sources. 

Vegetarians and vegans may be at risk of not getting enough as certain food groups are excluded from the diet. 


How much Vitamin B12 should you be getting?

The NHS recommends adults to have at least 1.5mcg of B12 a day.


What are the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency?

B12 deficiency can lead to a condition called Anaemia, where you have fewer red blood cells than usual. You may experience some of these symptoms as a result;

  • Extreme tiredness
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling faint
  • A pale yellow tinge to your skin
  • Sore red tongue

If you do experience any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor for a blood test.


What are the benefits of Vitamin B12?

B12 can help with increased energy levels as it contributes to the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen around our bodies. If your vital organs aren’t receiving enough oxygen, they can slow down, and you’ll feel tired and run down. 

B12 is also thought to help with digestion and the absorption of macromolecules. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are all metabolised by B12 into energy. Without the right amount of B12 in

B12 can also reduce stress as it contributes to a normal functioning nervous system. It’s also needed for the proper development and functioning of the brain, which may also aid with ailments such as stress and anxiety.


What foods are high in Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products, especially meat and dairy products. Luckily for those on vegans diets, fortified foods can be good sources of this vitamin, too. 



A commonly consumed fish, tuna, is jam-packed full of nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals. Containing high concentrations of B12, according to Healthline a 100-gram serving of cooked tuna provides 10.9 mcg of vitamin B12. That’s 453% of your daily recommended amount.

And if tuna steaks aren’t your thing, don’t worry, canned tuna also contains a good amount, with approximately 165grams of tuna in water containing 115% of your daily recommended amount. 


Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products like yoghurt and cheese are excellent protein sources and several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12.

Cheese is also a rich source of vitamin B12. One large slice (22 grams) of Swiss cheese can contain about 28% of the DV. Studies have shown that the body absorbs vitamin B12 in milk and dairy products better than the vitamin B12 in beef, fish, or eggs. 



Another great source of B12 is eggs. Two large eggs (100 grams) supply about 46% of the DV for vitamin B12, plus 39% of the DV for vitamin B2. 

Research has shown that egg yolks have higher levels of vitamin B12 than egg whites and that the vitamin B12 in egg yolks is easier to absorb. Therefore, it’s recommended to eat whole eggs instead of just their whites. 



Beef is an excellent source of vitamin B12. One grilled flat iron steak (about 190 grams) provides 467% of the DV for vitamin B12. 


Should you be taking vitamin B12 supplements?

B12 supplements are usually recommended for people at risk of deficiency, like older adults, pregnant or breastfeeding women, vegetarians and vegans, individuals with intestinal problems, and those who have had stomach surgery.

Research has shown that vitamin B12 taken by mouth and muscular injection effectively restores vitamin B12 levels in people who are deficient in the vitamin. 

Research has shown that vitamin B12 taken by mouth and muscular injection effectively restores vitamin B12 levels in people who are deficient in the vitamin. Our Olympian drip can give you a much-needed boost of B12 and provide you with the energy you need to fight off tiredness, especially post-workout. Or, why not try our energy-boosting B Vitamin booster, which can aid immunity strength, boost mood and reduce fatigue?