Our 5 Benefits of having NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ (the oxidised form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is one of the main puzzle pieces in the majority of our biological processes that control ageing, energy levels, our circadian rhythm and cognitive function. Within this article we’ll share with you the 5 main benefits of undergoing one of our NAD+ IV treatments and having NAD+ Therapy.

Research has found that the main role of NAD+ within the body is to transfer electrons from one molecule to another. This means it’s essential for cell rejuvenation, controlling our metabolism and regulating our sleep patterns. There are two types of NAD; an oxidised form and a reduced form, respectfully known as NAD+ and NADH. Here is what NAD+ therapy can do for you and the top 5 benefits of this choice of treatments.

Human Health and Longevity

NAD+ plays a crucial role in many biological processes throughout your body such as activating reactions within cells, or DNA repair. NAD+ treatments not only help with the cosmetic side of ageing and cell rejuvenation, they can also help reduce the risks of age related diseases. It can help reduce the chances of psychological decline as well, potentially reducing your risks of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

By increasing the levels of NAD+ in the system through IV therapy, you can increase energy extraction and develop a higher youthful cell function due to the increase in electrons being transported, via the mitochondria, between cells. Therefore potentially having an impact on your quality of life, as well as potentially helping you to live longer.

A reduction of NAD+ within the body can lead to a decrease in the amounts of energy produced in the mitochondria. This can therefore lead to not only visual ageing but also age associated diseases. Having one of our NAD+ IV treatments has the potential to decrease your chances of the natural side effects of ageing and can help lead to a longer, fuller and more fulfilling life.

Ageing and cosmetic cell rejuvenation

There is a group of proteins within our body called Sirtuins, which play a vital role in keeping your cells balanced while protecting against age-related decay and depletion. NAD+ helps these proteins multiply and therefore can potentially reverse the signs of ageing.

Cell rejuvenation has been proven to reduce, stop and even reverse signs of ageing. We now have access to something that can aid the process of cell rejuvenation without filling the body with harsh chemicals. After just one NAD+ IV therapy treatment people have reported that they have seen clear cosmetic differences and feel more energised and confident. The enzymatic aiding, metabolic enhancing and electron transport chain building IV Treatment is the perfect way to get your body working to the best of its ability, and look and feel great at the same time.

Having the chance to turn back time with just a simple IV treatment is a privilege and here at Effect Doctors we supply the highest quality NAD+ therapy.

Gain a better, more regular Circadian Rhythm

NAD+ treatment can have a drastic positive effect on your sleeping patterns. In a range of studies, it has had a huge effect on people’s Circadian Rhythm (your sleeping pattern). It has been shown to have everlasting effects on people’s ability to fall asleep faster and get a deeper sleep. It also improves people’s daily brain function and concentration levels.

A restless night’s sleep can be frustrating. Over the years, studies have shown that NAD+ levels within the body decrease due to ageing, life choices, poor sleeping patterns, our diets and many more external influences. Experiencing the NAD+ IV therapy treatments we provide here at Effect Doctors, can help you take back control of your NAD+ levels, potentially leading to improvements in energy levels and quality of sleep.

Take back control of your sleep now!

Increased physical energy and becoming more active

People are constantly looking for ways to improve energy levels, become more motivated and get active. Extensive research has been done into how NAD+ IV therapy can improve all of these physical issues.

NAD+ is full of nutrients that are essential to ensuring that our body functions. Those who have partaken in NAD+ therapy have reportedly seen drastic increases in energy and brain function throughout the day, while also seeing more regularity in their sleeping patterns.

If you are someone with a busy schedule, we know how important a good, deep night’s sleep is when you need it. Having NAD+ therapy opens you up to the opportunity to have a sleep schedule that is more beneficial and can improve your day to day life.

If you are struggling with sleep this is a highly researched and highly recommended possible solution for you.

Improving reaction times- essential for peak physical performance

Adding one of our NAD+ treatments to your workout routine could potentially build more muscle, increase and improve performance, while also allowing your body to recover faster. Every time we exercise, we burn calories and therefore glucose.  NAD+ IV treatments, according to research, have the ability to increase the amount of glucose in your bloodstream and enable you to perform for longer and more efficiently.

Having high levels of NAD+ has the potential to increase reaction time as well. Therefore, if partaking in a high intensity sport or high intensity physical exercise, it can improve performance and results. Muscle growth and recovery time are also expected to increase and improve while partaking in NAD+ Therapy treatments.

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