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Our Well Man Profile includes a range of blood tests to help determine the health and function levels of the body.


Well man

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Our Well Man Profile includes a full range of blood biomarkers.

These tests include: Full Blood Count, Kidney Function, Liver function, Thyroid Function, Inflammatory markers (CRP), Bone Markers (calcium, phosphate, uric acid), Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Vitamin D, Iron/Total Iron Binding Capacity/ Ferritin, Cardiac/Muscle Enzymes (LDH/ CK) and a blood Glucose level. Vitamin B12 levels can bee added on.

For men aged over 45 or with a family history of prostate cancer we recommend adding on a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen). Vitamin B12 levels can also be added.

The male hormone profile includes, FSH, LH, Testosterone, Free androgen index, Prolactin and SHBG.

It ​can be performed at the same as time as having a drip. A full written report by a Doctor is provided within 3 days and any further investigations or consultations can be arranged as necessary following this. If you wish to discuss your results with one of our Doctors this can be arranged at your convenience at no extra charge.

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From £350


Get a detailed assessment of your bloodwork

Identify and monitor markers of illness early

Can be performed at the same as time as having a drip


The Well Man Profile can be performed at the same as time as having a drip.

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