Highly accurate Lateral Flow Test with results available in just 15 minutes.


Concierge/ Hotel Partners Portal Covid Lateral Flow Test Kit

From £25


The antigen lateral flow self tests are suitable for pre-travel, day 2 and general testing. 

Results can be obtained in just 15 minutes.

Doctors report within 12 hours once uploaded.


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From £25


Highly accurate results in just 15 minutes

Doctors certificate in 12 hours or under

Suitable for pre-travel testing

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CQC Certified

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UKAS Accredited

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More information on How it works

+ Give the kit out to the client and ask them to pay for it in your presence via the QR code on the left hand side of the box


+ Scan the QR code and enter a 100% off booking voucher code which we have supplied you with, and take payment via the hotel booking system

+ Instruct guest to take the test closely following the instructions in the kit. Their results will be displayed on a small device similar to a pregnancy test.

+ If they desire a certificate, ask them to upload the results of their test in our portal by scanning the QR code on the right hand side of the box

+ We will issue a Doctors certificate within 12 hours or under. This can be expedited on for a further charge on request.


So, What is a Lateral Flow Test?

Lateral Flow Test is a highly convenient method of COVID testing that allows you to get self-tested at home with results in just 15 minutes. Lateral flow tests come with a testing device similar to a pregnancy test and don’t need sending to the lab for testing.

Our lateral flow tests pick up moderate to high viral loads – which patients will have around 3 days before the symptoms start to display.

What to do If they Test Positive?

If their test result is positive – this means that they are extremely likely to be infected with COVID-19 and risk infecting others.

What if the Test Negative?

If they get a negative result from the lateral flow test, it may mean that you are infectious but the test hasn’t been able to detect it. Please continue to follow the national and local rules and guidelines.

Additional Information

+ Brand: Flowflex + Healgen Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Tests

+ Government Approved

+ Highly sensitive

+ Offers results in just 15 minutes.

Submit Test Result Here

If you have received your test, and are ready to submit the result to gain your certificate, please follow this link. One of our Clinicians will review and you will receive your certificate shortly.

Submit Test Result