Test to Release

A Day 5 PCR Test allows you to reduce your isolation period after international Travel.


Test to Release

From £89


Taking a PCR Test after 5 days allows you to reduce your quarantine period after international travel. Please note that you must remain in quarantine until you have received your test results back.

As an approved Private Provider of COVID tests, our testing labs are all UKAS accredited. Results are back within 24 hours of the laboratory receiving your test sample.


From £89

As part of the government’s Test to Release scheme, you are able to shorten your self-isolation period by taking a test on Day 5.

✓ Provider on Governments List

✓ CQC Certified

✓ Public Health England Evaluated

✓ CE Marked Test

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PCR Tests


We endeavour to have all results back in within 24 hours of receiving your sample at the lab. To help speed up the process you can download your test results from our online dashboard.

Our postal PCR kits all come with pre-paid return postage so there are no hidden fees. If you need your results back quicker then you can drop your test into our lab or we can arrange a private courier (at an additional fee).

The tests all come with easy to follow instructions and if you need our help we have 24 hour a day customer service professionals standing by.


Once you have your test

Kit Activation Instructions

An email with detailed instructions will be sent once you have purchased a test kit. This email will contain the barcode and pin attached to each kit, which can be activated via our customer portal.

1. Access the portal https://kitactivation.coronafocus.app

2. Use the barcode and the pin to activate your kits, complete the declaration form and insert the sample taken date/time. If you do not complete the self- declaration info or label the sample date incorrectly, the auto certificate will not be sent and you will have to contact Effect Doctors to manually change this on the portal.

3. Post the test kit back using the provided pre-paid postage and packaging. Once the laboratory has received you test kit, you will receive your results within 24hrs.



Medical Information

The PCR swab uses samples from the back of the nose and throat to detect current, active coronavirus infection with very high accuracy. Results are analysed in a UKAS accredited medical laboratory and delivered within 48 hours.

Infection with SARS-CoV-2, an RNA virus, is diagnosed using reverse-transcriptase PCR. The assays used are highly accurate and show a minimum sensitivity of 98% and a specificity of 100%, with no cross-reactivity with other viruses.